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The Chee(t) Sheet

De-stressing with ballet

December 10, 2021

Oh, this was super fun and just what we needed to make time for ourselves amid the stress that comes with the end of a semester. We attempted to arabesque, plie, pirouette, tendu, and a few other french-sounding ballet tricks. Many of us got out of our comfort zone to try this for the first time, and perhaps a few people rekindled their past dancer selves. Thank you School of Dance for providing live piano music and Ms. Tanis! 


For our new teammates

October 2021

A few new members joined the lab over the summer, and we are making sure everyone has a little Ms. (Aloe) Vera Wang spawn to go home to. May they grow and expand like knowledge!


In the news

July 8, 2021

The Charlatan shared our findings on how students might be eating to cope in order to deal with COVID-related stress. Thank you Huda Sheikh from an excellent article and Sara Mizannojehdehi for the cool graphics!



Lab picnic

July 8, 2021

So many milestones and awards to celebrate, not to mention seeing each other in real life. Celebration donuts and plentiful snacks to go around. Never a dull moment when we are together.... even the rain wanted to take part! 



Canadian Stress Research Summit

May 6, 2021

"Mandatory awkward poster picture after presenting at #CSRS2021," says Nikita after her first poster presentation!