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The Chee(t) Sheet


Glamorous shenanigans

December 8th, 2023

Thrilled to let loose at the first post-COVID department holiday party. Research life can feel like a road never-ending sometimes, but with the support of friends and partners, we always find our way.

Thank you!


Destress with linocut prints

December 8th, 2023

The hidden treasures at MacOdrum Library never ceases to amaze us. Tonight we got out of our comfort zones to try our hand at making linocut prints, and we had a blast! Exactly the kind of pre-exam period destressor we all needed.

Thank you Larry and Kiah from the Book Arts Lab for hosting us!



August 7, 2023

We are grateful to be part of the Kitigànensag project (Algonquin for “little gardens”) so we can grow vegetables and herbs for a shared meal together. We are excited about tomatoes, basil, pickles, and ground cherries! But, oh my..... plants are really good a growing



July 28, 2023

Persephone defended her Master's thesis today. So cool to see her use different approaches to triangulate differences between MCH cells. We are proud to be her teammate and can't wait to see her thesis work in print. 



Scholarship awards

May 2023

Congratulations Anjali (NSERC), Jenny (I-CUREUS), and Cassie (NSERC) on your awards to conduct undergraduate research in the lab this summer. We are excited to fold you into our team!

We are also proud to congratulate Bianca Bono who received a NSERC CGS Doctoral award this month. What a great way to kickstart her PhD program. Thank you NSERC for this tremendous opportunity and support!

Photo (L-R): Anjali, Jenny, Bianca, Cassie