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The Chee(t) Sheet


Congratulations Mikayla!

January 10, 2019

Check out her commentary on beta-catenin as a regulatory factor in food intake (McEwen et al, 2018 JNeuroendocrinol), sponsored by the Pan American Neuroendocrine Society. Commentary 👉 http://bitzz.me/X6BK47jV

Department of Neuroscience Holiday Party

November 30, 2018

Another successful holiday celebration, thank you Heather for planning a great party!

Day 1 with Optimus

October 26, 2018

Can’t wait to work with Optimus – Chee-bots roll out!



October 12, 2018

Thank you Carol & John MacKay for helping us to shine!


Getting settled in our new temporary space at the University of Ottawa

October 12, 2018

We disassembled and reassembled our rig within two days. We’re back in business again! Really loving our new space