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The Chee(t) Sheet

Brain Freeze 2021: 1,000,000 steps

March 13-14, 2021

WOW! Thank you to each and everyone of you for supporting the Minwaashin Lodge from around the globe! You exceeded our expectations and we are blown away to be part of such an active community. Keep up your active lifestyles - we'll catch you again next year

Congratulations draw prize winners. Thank you to Carleton Science, SfN Ottawa Chapter, Carleton Neuroscience, and the Student Experience Office for sponsoring our event!


Save the date for Brain Freeze!

February 14, 2021

This year, we will move together to reach 1 million steps! Your steps and donation will support the Indigenous community at Minwaashin Lodge, a charity organization in Ottawa that provides support and services to Indigenous women and children who are survivors of violence. 

You can return to our webpage to log your steps and motivate (or challenge) each other to step out and be active!


Wheel of Cheetos

February 11, 2021

From us to all the women scientists out there... Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science!

Unmute this post for hear a cheerful jingle accompaniment 

SfN Virtual Conference

January 11-13, 2021

We attended our first virtual conference at the SfN Global Connectome. Persephone and Bianca presented their virtual posters! They pre-recorded a short audio clip that accompanied the poster and had a 30-min live video chat session with conference attendees. Lively conversation and meaningful connections in the chatroom. 

As Bianca notes, we are keeping up the tradition of posing beside our posters anyways. Enjoy!


Cheelab virtual holiday party

December 18, 2020

We rounded off the year with a virtual photoshoot and yankee swap. Despite the loneliness of a remote-everything-year, being together always brought a smile to cheer us up. So much laughter, energetic/confused pets, bright colors, and everyone left with a little gift ranging from cozy to yummy to keep company. 

Happy holidays from us to you!