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The Chee(t) Sheet

Thank you University of Texas at El Paso Systems Laboratory for inviting us to your workshop on neuroanatomy techniques!

June 23 to July 1, 2019

The climate is dry and warm – but strangely nice. Oh, and we ate cactus! And of course, we learned a lot!

Neurometabolic Club satellite & Canadian Neuroscience Meeting in Toronto!

May 22-25, 2019

Young Researchers’ Brain Health Research Day

May 9, 2019

At the Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research in Ottawa. Bianca and Duncan presented their first research posters (…and learned valuable printing lessons along the way). Melissa gave a sweet Research Spotlight lecture, and Mikayla earned the Best Poster Award


Dean’s Summer Research Internship (DSRI)

May - August 2019

Congratulations Zachary Levy, welcome to the lab! Thank you Carleton University for supporting our research


Science Undergraduate Research Day

April 10, 2019

Rebecca presented her honors thesis project using electrophysiology to record GABAergic inputs to the medial preoptic area.