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The Chee(t) Sheet

And the award goes to… MIKAYLA PAYANT!

May 13, 2018

Our very own Mikayla won the Best Oral Presentation award for her presentation on Effect of dietary fructose on synaptic plasticity at AgrP/NPY neurons at the 6th Canadian Neurometabolic Meeting in Vancouver, BC. Sweet!

Canadian Neuroscience meeting in Vancouver

May 13-18, 2018


NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award

May - August 2018

Congratulations Aditi Sankhe and Duncan Spencer! Thank you NSERC for supporting our research!


Second Home

December 12, 2017

Excited to settle into the new Health Science Building!

Department of Neuroscience Holiday Party

December 1, 2017

A much needed night to let loose and shake out before relocating (again). Thank you Diane, Heather, and Lenore for putting together a fun night for all of us!